Terms & conditions

1. Operator details

Name: E&J Safety Kft.
Seat: 9700 Szombathely, Selmec utca 14.
Tax number: 25876370-2-18
Telephone: +36 30 42 42 637

The service provider of this present Terms & conditions is hereinafter: operator.

2. Available products and services

Pizza, warm meals, hamburger, salad, dessert, soft drinks.

Warning: Photos displayed on products’ sites may differ from the reality, in some cases they are used as illustration.

3. Order information

The displayed products can be ordered via our Webshop, phone or online, delivered by pizza delivery service.

Product prices indicated on the site include the statutory 27% VAT, but they do not include the price of delivery.

In case of false product prices indicated by the operator, despite of the required diligence, that differ from the product’s generally accepted price, the operator is not liable for delivery at false price, but liable for offering the product at actual price in the order confirmation. If the customer chooses not to make use of that opportunity, thus has the right to unilaterally withdraw from the contract.

Extra packing costs will not be charged. Detailed delivery prices are part of this present Terms & conditions, they can be found under Delivery conditions.

In our Webshop you can browse by product categories among Available products, services. Beside the listed products, but are not limited to, short product description, price, and other features can be found. In order to get more information, please click on the photo or name of the product. Thus, you will reach the product’s site and you can receive more detailed information. If any further information needed, please contact the operator via the phone number displayed under Operator details.

Delivery process

A. By clicking on the cart icon, you can add products to the Cart.
The chosen product can be added to the Cart without signing in, but before placing the order you have to log into the system. This is possible only with registration. Registration can be found under the next menu item. If you are a registered customer but you forgot your password, please use the “forgot password” option. Here give the registered e-mail address and a new password will be generated, sent via e-mail. Entry will be possible via the Log in menu item. Give the registered e-mail address or username and the password, then click on the Log in button. If the login was successful, your registered e-mail address or username will be shown at the top menu bar, together with the Log out button which enables you to leave the Webshop.

B. The content of the cart can be checked and edited with the Cart menu item. You have the opportunity to check and edit the quantity of the ordered products, to choose the most suitable payment method, or to delete products. You also have the opportunity to clear the cart. In case you would like to add additional items to the cart, please select the “continue shopping” button. If every detail is correct and you choose to order, by clicking on the Send button you can confirm your order.

C. After confirming your order, we will send an automatic confirmation to the e-mail address given with all order details. Please, check your spams, as well. In case you do not get this e-mail, the system did not accept your order. In this case, please contact us via one of the contacts displayed under Operator details.

Order process can be followed until the closure of the order with the help of the Order tracking menu item. Here you can find all your former orders sent to our Webshop. Every order can be identified by an individual order number.

4. Registration

If you would like to place an order, you have to give the necessary data including your name, invoice and shipping details, and your e-mail address. Before confirming the registration, you also have to accept the registration conditions. The registration will be confirmed by the system via e-mail, including your password which can be changed later. Customers are liable for treating their password as confidential. If these personal data come into the possession of an unauthorized third party after the identification of the customer’s unique identifier and password, the Controller does not take the responsibility for the possible damage or loss. By giving their e-mail address, customers contribute to technical messages sent by the service provider. Registered data can be deleted from the system by the operator as requested. For safety reasons, the invalidity application will be accepted only if the application is confirmed by the customer via e-mail. Thus, deleting someone else from the system intentionally or unintentionally can be prevented. Registration is confirmed by the e-mail address, thus every e-mail address can be registered only once.

Registration does not involve an obligation.

5. Payment method for products ordered and delivery

Payment method of products ordered

Payment via credit card: In this case, you can pay via credit card on our platform as the last step of the ordering process. We do not store your credit card data. Our payment service provider is a third party, Global Payments Europe s.r.o. Regarding your data given during the payment method the Operator does not take any responsibility.

Cash on delivery: Products will be delivered to the given address by our delivery system, where the price of the product or products can be paid in cash or via credit card. If you wish to pay via card, please indicate it in advance.

The final amount includes every costs based on the order summary and the confirmation e-mail.

Payment method of delivery

6. Delivery time

Delivery time of order highly depends on the date of placed order and the possible congestion. Expected delivery time can be seen after the order has been played on our Website, as well as in the confirmation e-mail.

7. Expiration date

Customers note that products ordered are freshly prepared and they are primarily suitable for consumption right after the delivery. By keeping them in refrigerator some products can be kept for a day.

8. Copyright

The content of the Website (e.g. trademark, text, data, video, audio, photo, etc.), the appearance of the Website, along with the softer used for the operation of the Website are considered the sole intellectual property of the operator. Its use – online, printed or any other means – can take place only with the ex-ante contributions of the operator.

Certain parts of the Website are allowed to save or print only for personal use. This entitlement, however, does not authorise the copy, distribution, disclosure, storage in database, or any other adaptation of the downloaded contents for commercial purposes.

Photos appearing on the Website can be used by the User only with the approval of the person entitled. Use in advance, without permission is an infringement of legislation on copyright and personality rights.

For breaching these points, the User has absolute and unlimited liability.

9. Liability

The operator does not take responsibility for any damage in the User’s computer or other equipment – in particular caused by computer virus – occurring during the entry, the use of the service or Website, or the e-mailing. According to the aforementioned, Users are liable to provide appropriate anti-virus protection before any download of documents or information from the Website.

The operator is not responsible for any behaviour (especially for damage) that results from the misuse of the Website, or service.

Users are absolutely and unlimitedly liable for reality and legality of data and information given to the operator, or to a third party. Users breaching provisions mentioned above are responsible for the resulting damage.

The use of any system or solution that aims or effects the breakdown of the Website server, or endangers the operation of the Website (hacker attacks) are forbidden. Behaviour like this entails criminal consequences and creates civil law compensation claims, including attorney fees.

The Website may contain links (hyperlinks) that are not controlled by the operator but supported by a third party. The operator does not take responsibility for such content, thus for any infringement or damage caused by other websites.

10. Other provisions

In any matters not regulated herein the Code of Civil Procedure (Act V. of 2013), in case of distant consumer contracts Government Decree 45/2014. is applicable.